Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
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Arfvedsonite Tower
Arfvedsonite Tower
Transcend Crystal Co.

Arfvedsonite Tower

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♥ Spiritual Growth ♥ Manifestation ♥ Wisdom ♥ Positive Energy 

Arfvedsonite has many powerful attributes, and it is a stone that has the potential to produce amazing manifestations! It is a strong stone for spiritual growth, creating a clear path ahead. It helps you to reorganize and restructure your life, bringing extraordinary insights and a strong positive vibration.

All crystals are genuine, ethically sourced, cleansed, and good intentions are set before being shipped to you to create the most positive energy possible!

Ethically sourced from Russia.


A- 118 grams

B- 80 grams

C- 78 grams

D- 78 grams

E- 70 grams 

F- 62 grams