Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
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Blue Chalcedony Tower
Blue Chalcedony Tower
Transcend Crystal Co.

Blue Chalcedony Tower

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♥ Emotional balance ♥ Vitality ♥ Stamina ♥ Endurance ♥ Energy ♥ Intensity ♥ Hardiness ♥ Nurturance ♥ Generosity ♥ Liveliness ♥ Kindness ♥ Charity ♥ Friendliness

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will. It absorbs negative energy. It brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. Chalcedony instills feelings of benevolence and generosity. It alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy into joy.  Eases self-doubt. Creates openness and enthusiasm. Absorbs and dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and energy.

All crystals are genuine, ethically sourced, cleansed, and good intentions are set before being shipped to you to create the most positive energy possible!

Ethically sourced from Brazil

 Colors, size and shape will vary. 


A- 49.6 grams, 2.4 inches tall

B- 52.9 grams, 2.4 inches tall

C- 38.6 grams, 2.2 inches tall

D- 39.3 grams, 2.4 inches tall

E- 44.4 grams, 2.6 inches tall

F- 34.2 grams, 2.4 inches tall

G- 28.9 grams, 2.6 inches tall