Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
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Royal Amethyst Cluster (Small)
Royal Amethyst Cluster (Small)
Transcend Crystal Co.

Royal Amethyst Cluster (Small)

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♥ Spiritual awareness ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Inner peace and healing ♥ Healing of body, mind & soul ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Meditation ♥ Balance ♥ Relieves stress ♥ Communication

Amethyst is the true stone of spiritual healing and enlightenment due to its intuitive, transcendent, and spiritually restoring properties and its ability to awaken the crown chakra. It removes evil thoughts and increases intelligence while also enhancing creativity and passion for life. Its calming influence  on the mind promotes peace, love courage, and happiness.

Royal Amethyst is high grade amethyst and has a notable deep purple color.

All crystals are genuine, ethically sourced, cleansed, and good intentions are set before being shipped to you to create the most positive energy possible!

Ethically sourced from Brazil

Colors, size and shape will vary. Each crystal is approximately 30-50 grams and 1-3 inches.

A- 52.5 grams

B- 50.4 grams

C- 50.2 grams

D- 48.5 grams

E- 46.7 grams

F- 44.6 grams

G- 44.1 grams 

H- 42.9 grams 

I- 39.2 grams

J- 32.9 grams