Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
Transcend your Energy with Healing Crystals!
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Sugilite Cubed Tumble (Rare)
Transcend Crystal Co.

Sugilite Cubed Tumble (Rare)

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♥ Awareness ♥ Spirituality ♥ Positive thoughts and feelings

Sugilite enhances the development of spiritual awareness and teaches us to live from our truth and to believe in our sixth sense, or intuition.  It encourages positive thoughts, alleviating sorrow, grief and fear. Carry Sugilite to create a protective “shield of Warm Light,” protecting the wearer from negativity.

Sugilite is considered a rare crystal.

All crystals are genuine, ethically sourced, cleansed, and good intentions are set before being shipped to you to create the most positive energy possible!

Ethically sourced from Brazil

Colors, size and shape will vary.